Support Support Support

Wednesday, 14 November, 2012

If you are in Harare or Bulawayo for any length of time, you are likely to see Belina-branded Toyota Starlets zip through the suburbs, industrial sites and city centre. In fact, if you are a very good observer, you might even see these same Starlets hitting the highways and heading out of Zimbabwe's two main cities to smaller towns .

It would not be an exaggeration to say that these sporty hatchbacks, with Belina's trademark blue and orange colours on their passenger doors, reflect the zest and energy of their drivers. And who are these drivers? Belina's road support staff of course. This concerned and efficient bunch are often in a hurry (without getting a speeding fine of course) to get to their clients; corporates, mines, farms, schools, manufacturers, small enterprises - and anyone and everyone who uses the company's products.

While they scurry back and forth like industrious ants in their Starlets, another group is holding the fort at Belina's premises – the office support staff.

''We mostly deal with clients over the phone but we also look after those who come in to our offices. It is not surprising to have a client arrive at any time with a computer wanting us to solve a payroll problem. Of course we are always happy to do so,'' said Alexander Dube who part of the office support team.

All support staff have a background in IT and work with clients as well as Belina's software developers. ''We are the conduit between the clients and programmers and gather a lot of the information that is used to keep upgrading our products,'' Alexander said.

Belina's CEO, Jeremy Hodgeskin, agrees. ''We have an amazing support team. Together with our developers, and our dealers around the country, we seem to have no shortage of ideas when it comes to technological improvement.''